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At Thompson House, our residents are active, participating members of our community. Thompson House provides a socially supportive environment for elders where friendships are encouraged and self-development promoted. Programs include fishing trips, gallery exhibits, live concerts and community outings. Educational, spiritual, social, and work-type activities take place throughout the day for your participation. Volunteers hail from all walks of life, and aid the activities staff in all aspects of the activities program. Regular exercise programs are offered to residents to encourage physical fitness, strength and mobility.

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Activities at Thompson House: Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Residential Care in Brattleboro, Vermont
Art and Painting in Skilled Nursing Facilities
Animal Therapy for Senior Long Term Care and Nursing
Music Lessons for Retirement and Rehab at Thompson House Vermont
Nursing Home Fishing Trips and Sporting Activities
Community Involvement at Thompson House Healthcare Long Term Facility
Entertainment for Seniors and Elderly People
Palliative Care Activities for Happy Seniors and Elders
Motorcycle Rally and Fairs for Seniors at Vermont Agencies
Retiree Pastimes in Rest Homes and for Dementia Care
Public Speaking Teaching and Involvement for Retired People
Fishing Trips and Sportsman Activities at Long Term Care Nursing
Old Folks Home Fun and Entertainment
Dancing Gatherings in Residential Home Elder Care Facilities
Casino and Gambling Outings for Senior Care Rehabilitation and Retirement

“I love it here.
Thompson House is a
wonderful place to live”

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